Am Ch Terrapin Kasaan's Roc Solid Am/ Can Ch. Vuelta Toros By Wildwind TNT ROM Int/Am/Jap.Ch. Wild Winds Viewer's Choice ROM Wild Wind's Spirit of Satan Ch Keeley's Magic Devil
Ch Wild Wind Ghost Rider N The Sky
Ch. Keeleys Wild Trade Wind Am/Can Ch Taolan Flying Colours ROM
Ch Keeley's Magic Moment
Ch. Wild Winds October Frost ROM BIS Ch. Wild Wind's Magnum of Veebee ROM Ch Tobe's Tony Baretta
Am/Can Ch Timca's Pistol Packin' Mama
Ch. Keeley's Faith in Wild Wind Ch Wild Wind's Bold Wolfman
Ch Keeley's Magic Moment
Can Ch Terrapin's Paintin The Town BIS BISS Am/CanCh. Storm Kloud's Fortune O' Kasaan ROM Am/Can/Asian Ch. Storm Kloud's Vvanilla Snoman CD,WTD,ROM Ch Storm Kloud's Oomiak
Storm Kloud Ddawn In The North
Kasaan's Keefer of Storm Kloud Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's Ccount On Me
Ch Kasaan's Morning Sunrise
BIS BISS Am/Can Ch. Byeyo's Champagne 'N Ice CAM ROM Am/Can CD Ch. Moonsongs Ursa Minor Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's R-Tic Sun
Ch Storm Kloud's Eevening Star
Am/Can Ch. Sugarbear's Winning Colors Ch Sugarbear's Wins Of War ROM
Ch Sugarbear's Tantara
Am/Can Ch Terrapin's Hocus Pocus CGC WPD BISS Am/Can.Ch. Sno Klassic Above The Rim Ch. Nanukes Lockport Louie ROM Ch. Nanuke's Revolutionary ROM Ch Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution ROM 
Ch Onan's Echoes In The Wind
Ch. Nanuke's Seal of Approval ROM Ch Northeast's Wild N Wooly
Ch Northeast Scarlet Fever
Ch. Sno Klassic Chenega Kaniksu Ch. Chukchi Savage Chincoteague Am/Can/Bda Ch Kiskayo's Best
Ch Chukchi's Susquehanna Starr
Ch. Taolan Sno Klassic Sassafras ROM Am/Can Ch Taolan Flying Colours ROM
Taolan Taliesin Shenoa
Am/Can Ch Terrapin's Itsa Long Strange Trip CGC Am/Can Ch Terrapin's Caught N T'Crossfire Ch. Kasaan's Bounty Hunter Ch Kasaan's Fortune Hunter
Ch Kasaan's Blue Ice Autumn
BIS BISS Am/Can Ch. Byeyo's Champagne 'N Ice ROM CAM Am/Can CD Am/Can Moonsongs Ursa Minor
Am/Can Sugarbear's Winning Colors
Am/Can Ch Pokerflat Terrapin's In Vogue Ch. Vuelta Toros By Wildwind TNT ROM Am/Can Ch Wild Winds Viewer's Choice ROM
Ch Wild Winds October Frost
Ch. Poker Flat's Northern Exposure WTD Am/Can Ch Taolan Flying Colours ROM
Poker Flat's Snow Flurrie