Our Backpacking Weekend Adventure

Brown County State Park sign

Brown County State Park - Nashville, Indiana

Chris and Frisco

Chris and Frisco

Heather, Brie and Frisco

Heather, Brie and Frisco

Wayne, Heather and Chris

Wayne, Heather and Chris

Wayne and Gibson

Wayne and Gibson

Backpacking Group

Backpacking Group - Heather, Wayne, Chris, Cindy and Patty


The Terrapin crew this past weekend made the long, long haul to go backpacking in Southern Indiana. Participants were: Brie (with Heather), Frisco (with Chris), Gibson (with Wayne) and Dylan and I stayed back and held down the “camp” aka  drank cocktails, snoozed,  and painted our nails. Anyone who has ever had to “babysit” an old dog knows how “needy” they can be and anyone who knows Dylan knows he is that to a “T”. He is too annoying to leave at home for anyone to dog sit…. So we dragged him along and I had the “chore” of Dylan sitting all weekend.

We got to our campsite Friday evening after a 10 hour drive in weather that consisted of mostly high winds and torrential downpours. We arrive at our site to find out that the weather is 85 degrees and we don’t have running water! That made the start of our weekend lovely. Chris had to pull the bus out of the site and find water for us to fill our holding tank. After about 3 minutes of being at our site we discover that the campground is INFESTED with inch worms – they are falling out of the trees so quickly it sounds like rain. HMMMM…. At this point everyone would have rather stayed home. Now we know why when we pulled up to our site Cindy & Earl Benson and Patty Carlisle were waving brooms (we thought they were just really happy to see us – turns out they were waving away the inch worms).

The crew less Dylan and myself hiked Friday evening, Dylan and I sat in the air conditioning, snoozed and read a book and looked wistfully at the TV. The TV didn’t work as I messed up the aerial the previous weekend at a dog show……of course I couldn’t complain too loudly about it since I messed it up and knew I would get no sympathy from the hikers.

Saturday morning Heather & I had a slight heart attack at 5:00 am. Wayne had been given the assignment of getting up and feeding dogs (in their crates) and letting them out in the ex-pens. Well of course “kitty” aka Dylan is loose in the motorhome and who comes barreling out of his crate loose but Gibson… Wayne gets him outside ok.  Then Frisco is loose in the motorhome with Dylan! My gosh... that got the old heart pumping.

The hikers were gone for about 8 hours on Saturday – Cindy didn’t do too well on the trek…. Apparently she had a “big breakfast” that morning and had to relieve the breakfast 15 minutes into the walk J Some of the hikers and dogs did better than others. One couple from Indiana (sorry I don’t know their names) had to turn back about half way thru as their dog looked as if it was near heat stroke. Some of the hikers were slower than others…. Heather & Chris arrived back at the motorhome an hour before Wayne, Cindy & Patty. I had the blender full of strawberry margaritas when the first two hikers arrived. Man did they look worse for wear…. Of course Dylan and I looked well rested and relaxed (not much to do when you have to sit in side a motorhome all day with no tv).

Saturday night Bonnie McMahon showed up to pick me up to go to her place to look at puppies…. After an hour of Bonnie being lost in the park and us talking back and forth on our cell phones she found me walking down the road towards the front gate (fighting the inch worms). I decided to sleep in a nice comfy bed that night (with no inch worms) and stayed at Bonnie & Steve’s place.

The hikers walked another 10 miles on Sunday. After the hike we started to “de-worm” everything and pack up. When we are packing up Heather & I had another moment of panic when two dogs were let out of the expen at the same time and were loose. Thank goodness they are dogs that listen.  We were all glad to leave the inch worms behind and hit the road home.

I understand from the hikers that the scenery in the park is wonderful (I didn’t see too much from the motorhome windows other than trees, inch worms and a campground washroom).

Anyone who knows us realizes that there is not too many trips in the motorhome where there isn’t some event that happens. This time we make it about 5 hours into our trip home and the power steering pump starts making noise. We stop and fill it, 30 minutes later the same thing happens only this time we have no steering and no brakes! HMMMM…. Staying home was looking better and better. Thankfully we got stopped and when we filled the pump with fluid we had brakes again. At one of the many gas station stops Chris underestimated the width of the “road” (read into this as a cow path) behind the gas station – we almost tip over the motorhome on our side and EVERYTHING comes flying out of the cupboards!! Can this trip get any better?  We merrily start out our trip again after putting everything back into the cupboards and picking up the pieces (all the dogs eyes are glazed over and their eyes are as big as saucers by this time). We continued to limp along stopping to fill the power steering fluid about every 20 minutes Wayne had it down to a science – it would take about 3 minutes (I timed him) for him to fill the fluid  – he would dash out in his rain gear – pour in the fluid and race back in the “bus”. I think he is hoping to try out for a Nascar pit crew person.

Now picture this Chris driving the “bus” and understandably he was a bit hysterical by this point in time (constantly screaming where is the next exit!!!!) Heather and I were sitting back in the dinette trying to get as far away from the “driver” as possible.

We finally stop at a rest stop near Flint, MI when it is dark and pouring rain…. We were worried that the stops between fills were getting quicker and quicker. So we had a “restful” sleep amongst the truckers (who had their motors running all night).

Tex helps us out in the morning taking us over to someone who fixes the motorhome in about 2 hours and we head home once again.

We arrived home on Monday evening to another rain storm and it seemed to take hours to unpack the “bus”. Later that evening I entered into the living room to see Chris doing some kind of a “dance” and he was cursing and beating something on the footstool with two TV remotes. Turns out he found a tick on himself….. he decided to kill the big, scary 1/4 “ bug with  the remotes. Mmmm …. The weekend gets even better ... Now the dogs might have ticks………..

If there is anything positive about this happening to the motorhome this weekend it is that it happened when I was not driving it to/from a show by myself. Just the weekend before I had driven in high winds and rain by myself to a show…. Thank goodness it didn’t happen then…. I’m sure it would not have had near as good of an ending.

All the dogs & hikers walked the 3 required hikes with their required weights. So all and all it was a “good” weekend.


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