General Alaskan Malamute Information 

Below is some information that we feel is important for all poptential new Malamute owners: 

What is their temperament?  Malamutes are highly intelligent, quite friendly, and love attention.  Because of a historical interdependence with mankind, they are extremely family-oriented and prefer to be involved in family activities rather than shut away outside.  They enjoy the company of well behaved children get along quite well with well mannered and socialized Malamutes.  Please do not consider a Malamute if you can't make it part of your family unit.  Malamutes are famous for owning their humans rather than humans owning their Malamutes.

Do they require a lot of grooming?  The Malamute is a double-coated breed consisting of a woolly undercoat and longer guard hairs.  Twice a year they shed their entire coat is a very short time (called "blowing" their coat).  Plan on findings lots of hair on your exquisite blue suit.

Do they train easily?  Malamutes are extremely intelligent but can be very strong willed.  I strongly encourage every new owner to attend obedience training with their new pup.  Those who begin training early can save himself and the puppy anguish in the end. 

Do they make good watchdogs?  Because of their ancestral interdependence with mankind, Malamutes usually make poor watchdogs (although most people are intimated by the large breed and would avoid them).

Who should not own a Malamute?  Humans who have neither the time nor inclination to train their pup, who cherish their gardens and yard (Malamutes love to dig!), can't tolerate dog hair everywhere, and are prone to temper tantrums when they find their new love seat and matching sofa "broken in."  A Malamute is not a babysitter, a guard dog, or a date attractor.  They are a strong willed, intelligent breed who will constantly try to get one over their master.  But those of us lucky enough to be owned by a Malamute are very lucky humans indeed. 

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